A real estate company is making waves to improve the lives of its customers

The Bhagat Group-Exp Realty is on a mission to change 500 lives and create passive income for its clients

Buying a home can feel like unlocking one of life’s achievements. For some it is a dream come true as it involves the right knowledge and research, a lot of determination, confidence and patience to meet the requirements. For others, it is an accomplishment that proves its stability and provides security. And yet, for others, it is a life-changing experience.

For those looking for properties to buy, many seek the help of real estate agents to make the best decision. Thus, real estate companies offer different packages to facilitate decision-making and speed up the process. But one real estate company, The Bhagat Group-Exp Realty, does more than just sell and help a buyer choose the right property – it also aims to help change the lives of its customers by creating more wealth, starting with buying their own. home.

Also known as Rahul & Surbhi Bhagat-Exp Realty, the company was established in 2005 by husband and wife team Rahul and Surbhi, to serve the real estate needs of California residents. For years, The Bhagat Group-Exp Realty has helped families and individuals choose the best homes for them, and the team has been very happy to do so.

But soon, the husband and wife team realized they could do more than just buy and sell homes. They decided to take their service to the next level to create a bigger and more lasting impact. “We started our business selling real estate, but quickly realized that the biggest passion for us was not buying and selling homes, but rather serving and changing lives,” said Rahul said. “The core of our business is changing lives,” he added.

Their business has allowed them to meet many people who would rather rent than buy a home because they feel they can’t afford it while saving for the future. They used it as fuel to start teaching and showing people that anyone can buy a house and start building wealth at the same time. Rahul and Surbhi decided to also focus on creating a passive income cash flow for homebuyers, more than just selling them their house.

The Bhagat Group-Exp Realty has finally started turning renters into buyers by showing them what they need to do to buy a home and start building more wealth. “We all work for money and want to make sure money has a fair chance to work for us. And that’s exactly what we show our customers,” Rahul explained.

Today, the real estate company teaches people what to do to buy a home, what to do with building equity, and how to use bank cash to build more wealth. This service has helped many clients build wealth, earn passive income, and achieve a tremendous sense of fulfillment and financial freedom.

The Bhagat Group-Exp Realty also coaches people who want to start a career or make a career change in real estate by guiding them on how to obtain a real estate license and teaching them the art of sales. “Our goal is to change 500 lives and create a six-figure income and a seven-figure network for all the lives we touch,” Rahul shared.

Today, the company continues to improve the lives of its customers. Recently, The Bhagat Group-Exp Realty opened its new office in South Bay, Los Angeles. He hopes to create a positive impact in society through his services.

About Rahul & Surbhi Bhagat-eXp Realty

The Rahul & Surbhi Bhagat-eXp Realty or The Bhagay Group-Exp Realty is a team of highly experienced real estate professionals dedicated to providing exceptional personalized service to all of its clients. The company prides itself on its deep industry knowledge and unparalleled commitment to providing the best services to its customers while making a positive impact to improve their lives.

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