AgencyHQ strengthens the presence of GC – Real Estate Business

AgencyHQ strengthens GC presence

As part of the brand’s continued strengthening of key locations across the country, it has increased its presence in one of the country’s most popular regional locations.

Shane and Tristan St Reynolds will lead the brand’s business in the Southport area. Both men share over 50 years of experience serving the local community, having worked as respected financial advisors in banking, finance, consultancy, property and construction.

Both men have deep local knowledge, having been bored and raised on the Gold Coast in a family with a long history in the industry.

The agency’s managing director, Mark Morrison, backed the company’s latest recruits, saying the brand “attracts high-calibre talent”.

Mr Morrison explained that the brand has a three-year growth plan for the region, which incorporates brand awareness, a large commercial division – which has already started with its first major contract – and a healthy recruitment plan.

Part of the brand’s aspirations is to “build a network of 50+ agents over the next three to five years” that can match it with some of the big companies that call the area home.

According to the company, it had designated the Gold Coast for some time as a hotspot it wanted to expand into.

This is given its status as Australia’s main growth area benefiting from interstate migration of NSW and Victoria residents attracted by the location’s lifestyle advantages, which include plenty of business opportunities. jobs, world-class beaches and affordable accommodation options.

More properties in the area than ever before – 5,600 to be exact – sold for seven figures in the 12 months to April 2022. Of that number, 863 sold for between $2-3 million, while another 268 homes entered the $3-4 million range, a sign of the tourist hotspot’s growth potential.

Mr Morrison said the brand new agent model – which allows agents to retain their independent brand image while enjoying network support – will be implemented in the Gold Coast outfit, which is also the group’s first residential venue in the region.

AgencyHQ strengthens GC presence

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Last update: October 10, 2022

Posted: October 10, 2022

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