An immersive social media plan is key to agent rewards

Andrew Bloom, winner of the 2022 REB Awards, shared how creating a “move-in experience” for potential buyers on social media has seen him beat his competition.

Sanders Property Agents licensed estate agent and Sutherland Shire property specialist has been named Marketing Professional of the Year at the REB Awards 2022, which recognizes someone who has undertaken the best marketing and digital campaign throughout the period of Evaluation.

Submissions for the 2023 ERC Awards recently openedwith all professionals and companies operating in real estate invited to submit an entry Where appoint a worthy colleague in 35 individual, group or corporate categories highlighting their achievements during the 2021-2022 financial year.

Closing of applications and submissions Friday, February 10, 2023.

Mr Bloom told the REB that in his submission he explained how he used social media as a “real tool” to solve problems for potential property buyers, especially during the COVID-19 closures.

“We used social media to allow people to digitally digest the characteristics of a property from their phone over a period of time during the day after they had already viewed the property once, but not for very long,” said he explained.

Once a potential buyer has seen a property, Mr Bloom said he invites them to follow Sanders Property Agents’ social media pages, where they can experience ‘the day in the life of the future owner’.

“For example, the day after people saw the property, they would wake up with a story on Facebook or Instagram about what they could do in the morning if they lived there,” Bloom said.

“We showed people how ownership would support you. If you wanted to cook breakfast we would show you how the kitchen would support you or where you could sit to have your breakfast in the sun.

“We’d like to score at a local cafe you’d like to walk to because it’s just around the corner. For someone looking for a property with a swimming pool, we will show how to use the pizza oven next to the pool and entertain guests.

“That way we were teaching people about the area and the property every hour, related to what you would be doing at that time. And they could see the benefits of living there.

The strategy received positive feedback from providers as it demonstrated the agent was willing to go above and beyond for them, Bloom said.

Some sellers participated by taking photos and videos to capture the unique features of their homes known only to them, he added.

“We were able to send this message to people directly from owner to buyer, which buyers loved because it was real,” he said.

“It wasn’t fake, it wasn’t made up, and it wasn’t commercial. It was seller-buyer information. What better translator of a place where life is good than the person who lives there.

The strategy saw Sanders Property Agents sell a few properties 48 hours after the buyer was “immersed in the digital experience”, Mr Bloom said.

Addressing agents considering entering the Marketing Professional of the Year award category at the 2023 REB Awards, Mr Bloom said the key to creating a cutting-edge real estate campaign is to take care of all the world except themselves.

Before compiling submissions, entrants should articulate their value and key message and how that differentiates them from their competitors, Bloom advised.

“The question you need to answer in your submission is ‘why do you think your strategy was the right thing to do? “, Did he declare.

“I think you need to spend more time on your submission than you think so you know other people can understand it. If it’s just a simple email, that’s not going to be enough. probably not. We tried to explain it in detail including pictures and information to show what we were doing.

Mr. Bloom concluded by encouraging agents to participate in the REB awards to gain national recognition.

Submit an entry Where appoint a worthy colleague by Friday, February 10, 2023, for REB 2023 awards.

For more information on the awards, including categories, Click here.

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