Australian outsourcing firm unveils dedicated real estate division

Australian outsourcing firm unveils dedicated real estate division

A remote recruitment platform headquartered in Australia has officially revealed its entry into the Australian property market.

Cloudstaff, the company behind the new offering, said the move “signalls the importance of the real estate sector to Cloudstaff.”

With 5,000 employees across the Philippines, the platform said around 30% of its workforce already works for Australian property companies in a range of roles, including property managers, sales and marketing professionals, accountants , accountants and administrative staff.

According to its statement, the platform “works with real estate businesses nationwide to maximize their potential and grow their bottom line.”

Jennifer Zanich, recently appointed Director of Sales and Marketing at Cloudstaff, will assume overall responsibility for Cloudstaff Real Estate.

“The importance of the property sector and its role in the growth of the Australian economy has been highlighted during the pandemic,” she said.

“That’s why, for the first time, we’ve brought together all the different roles and services we can provide to the industry under one roof: Cloudstaff Real Estate.”

She said that while Cloudstaff had helped Australian property businesses over the past decade and had already become “one of the largest providers of fully trained property managers in the Australian market”, she said that “there There’s a lot more we can do to help Australian property companies implement smarter solutions”.

Cloudstaff Vice President of Growth Chris McDonald admits margins for real estate businesses are tighter than ever, especially with the current rise in interest rates, which is making growth difficult.

“It’s hard to provide great service at a price home sellers are willing to pay,” he began.

“While the initial motivation for employing remote staff is often cost savings, the real result is that freeing up salespeople to focus on what they do well ends up being a huge driver of growth within of the business.”

From his perspective, “in buyer-driven markets, good sellers and savvy business owners grow their businesses by looking for ways to do things smarter.”

In light of the new division now being a reality, Mr McDonald said Cloudstaff “look[s] looking forward to working even more closely with property companies across Australia”.

According to the company, which provides workforce solutions to clients in the areas of accounting and finance, back office, creative and marketing, customer service, engineering and writing, software development, technical support and software quality assurance, one of the cornerstones of Cloudstaff Real Estate is “Cloudstaff Academy”. – a bespoke training center that aims to ensure that all staff are industry ready and able to contribute to a business from day one.

Australian outsourcing firm unveils dedicated real estate division

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Last update: August 29, 2022

Posted: August 30, 2022

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Grace Ormsby

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