Australia’s best-selling homes – and where to find them

Australia’s best-selling homes – and where to find them

Despite the national real estate downturn, homes are still selling fast in some conclaves across the country.

According to a new report from PropTech Group – which is based on an analysis of property market listings over the 12 months to June 2022 – three-bedroom houses in Camden South are the country’s best-selling accommodation type, typically bought in 14 days.

Joe Hanna – CEO and Managing Director of PropTech Group, provided additional insight into the report’s findings, stating that “90% of properties in the top 50 selling suburban categories are homes.”

“Three of the five in the top 50 are three-bedroom homes, 14% are four-bedroom homes, 8% are two-bedroom homes, and only 4% are one-bedroom homes,” Hanna said.

The report shed light on the fact that Western Australia’s best-selling suburbs take, on average, three times longer to sell than the national average. He also pointed out that no other state is able to match the speed of NSW’s Camden South. The fastest selling time in Queensland is 21 days, Victoria is 25 days and Western Australia is based on 41 days.

“This report is more detailed than most market data as it is categorized by number of bedrooms, property type and suburb. Homebuyers receive a much clearer picture of the true market dynamics and property class. investment that promises the best return,” Hanna concluded.

Australia’s best-selling suburbs range from the fortnight it takes to sell a three-bedroom house in Camden South, followed by the 16 days it takes to sell three-bedroom houses at a time in Gordon in the ACT and in the new town of Tasmania.

It takes 17 days to sell a three-bedroom home in Horsley, west of Dapto on the NSW south coast, while on average three-bedroom houses in the Tasmanian towns of Norwood, Howrah and West Hobart sell sell out in 18 days, with the same period taken selling one bedroom, two bedroom and studio units in Manly Vale.

The rest of the ranking is made up of homes selling in 19 days, made up of four-day homes in Amaroo and Dunlop in the ACT, and three-bedroom homes in Narellan Vale (NSW), Wanniassa, Holt, Ngunnawal and Chigwell of the ACT. in Tasmania.

In terms of the speed of sales in various states, Queensland’s best-selling property type – a two-bedroom house in Gympie – sells in 21 days.

While four-bedroom houses in Langwarrin, Victoria, sell a little more slowly, taking 25 days to settle, while in the northern suburbs of Perth Hamersley completes the sale of a three-bedroom house in 41 days, the shortest selling period in the state of Western Australia.

Australia’s best-selling homes – and where to find them

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Last updated: August 30, 2022

Posted: August 31, 2022

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