Boise real estate agency giving buyers cash for candy


Tiger Prop is offering a $5,000 discount on Halloween candy and decorations to homebuyers in neighborhoods with plenty of candy.

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On Halloween night, hundreds of families flock to Harrison Boulevard in the North End or Warm Springs Avenue in East Boise for a night full of tricks or treats.

Both roads are famous in Boise for their beautifully decorated homes, elaborate decorations, and most importantly, their abundance of candy.

But such high vacation expectations come at a cost, and a Boise-based real estate agency is helping new homeowners in the neighborhood adjust.

tiger accessorya real estate agency that is part of the idaho homes network, is giving $5,000 to anyone who buys a home on Harrison Boulevard or Warm Springs Avenue through Halloween to help cover the costs of decorations and candy.

“We know these owners get slapped with a hefty candy bill every Halloween, so we wanted to help them out a bit,” Tiger Prop broker Max Coursey told the Idaho Statesman via email.

In a Facebook video also by Coursey, he interviewed residents of Harrison Boulevard about their Halloween experiences. One resident said he consumed about 3,000 candies each Halloween, while another said up to $1,000 could be spent on candy per household per year.

“It’s a bit of a ploy to win more business,” Coursey told the Statesman, only half-jokingly.

Tiger Prop has traditionally offered buyers a $3,000 rebate upon escrow closing and also refuses to charge sellers brokerage fees. Coursey says it’s “better than a fruit basket” and that Tiger Prop has saved shoppers more than $1.5 million since the company began doing business in Idaho.

For Halloween, he upped that discount to $5,000 because he “thought he was doing something fun.”

Harrison Boulevard will be blocked from traffic on Halloween night, giving young cheats free reign of the 1-mile road. Warm Springs Avenue will be equally lucrative for cheaters but won’t block traffic, making it a great place for families with older children.

Oct. 31, 2013: Elias Caldell, 4, has a word or two with the resident dragon of 17 and Resseguie streets, one block from Harrison Boulevard on Halloween. [email protected]

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