Cambodian refugee becomes senior officer

Cambodian refugee becomes senior officer

After 18 years of successfully running her own hair and beauty business, this Victorian woman was looking for a new challenge.

Jessica Chea said she started watching her husband and his real estate team and started wondering if she too could be successful in the industry.

Although she left school in the ninth grade, Ms. Chea acknowledged that she had always had a thirst for learning and a determination to succeed. illustrated by the fact that she did not give up her real estate license despite needing six attempts over a four-year period to pass.

Ms. Chea learned the value of hard work younger than most. In the early 1980s, Chea and her family fled Cambodia and went to Australia.

After school, when the other children had time to study, eat and sleep, she would come home from school and work until midnight or even later, helping her parents and sister sew to earn enough. money for the family to live on.

She then set her sights on the hair and beauty industry. With enough persistence, the owner of a renowned local salon eventually relented and let her work unpaid shifts to learn the ropes, which led to a long career in the space – before take a look at the real estate sector.

She also wanted to chart her own path in the industry – and didn’t just want to be given a role at her husband’s agency, First National Real Estate Waverley City. Instead, she started working for a freelance agency.

Having the ability to translate her people skills from her hairdressing business, she started listing and selling homes so quickly that she surprised herself and everyone around her.

“Anyway, I still think everyone is amazing and I can never do that, but I also think if I start with one step and do the little things, maybe I can,” Ms Chea said.

Her natural ability to empathize, connect and build relationships with people from all walks of life quickly established her as a trusted advisor in selling and buying homes.

“I thought real estate would be so different from hairdressing and so much harder, but I found it was actually the same thing – it’s talking to people, building relationships, finding what they want and then help them,” Ms Chea said.

“It’s not easy, but it’s simple. I still find texting and email difficult, but I keep working to that, talk to people and help them.

She then joined her husband at First National Real Estate Waverley City, where she was named 2013 First National Real Estate Network Salesperson of the Year in her first year.

“Even before joining First National, the group welcomed me very well. It’s like a family; it’s fun, there’s no judgment and everyone helps each other,” commented Ms. Chea.

She has since won a number of accolades with the network.

“There is constant training, and with the support of everyone around me, I feel like I can to succeed. I found my home and I’m so proud to be part of First National Real Succession,” she concluded.

Cambodian refugee becomes senior officer

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Last update: October 03, 2022

Posted: October 04, 2022

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