Oppenheim reinforces the star status of the social network

Oppenheim reinforces the star status of the social network

Sell ​​Sunsets Jason Oppenheim followed Luxury Listings Sydney’s Gavin Rubinstein aligning himself with the recently launched Ten Sixty platform.

The chairman and founder of the Oppenheim Group, which operates in Los Angeles – and is also featured prominently on Netflix’s hit show sell sunsetwas announced as the new global ambassador for the video marketing app, also known as 1060.

The app, first launched in Australia earlier this year, acts as a social network for the property industry to post 60-second clips for marketing purposes.

According to Mr. Oppenheim, “The team at Ten Sixty has managed to create, what many have attempted, a real estate platform and social network that actually works”.

From his point of view, “real estate is becoming more and more democratic through short video”.

Short video is a massive trend and in real estate we are seeing an explosion in the number of agents shooting videos themselves, on location with their phones“, he pointed out.

What makes Ten Sixty different is that it’s so simple that any agent can film and post live to the world in sixty seconds. This makes real-time real estate.

He believes the app takes real estate into a new dimension: “Where authenticity, social and fun become a new way to sell and see real estate.

“Ten Sixty’s global luxury real estate feed allows anyone to effortlessly scroll through some of the best homes in the world and chat with agents in real time.”

This follows the appointment of Gavin Rubinstein as Australian Ambassador late last month. At that time, Mr. Rubinstein expressed the belief that any agent who doesn’t make short videos is missing out on “massive” engagement opportunities.

Oppenheim reinforces the star status of the social network

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Last update: September 23, 2022

Posted: September 23, 2022

Grace Ormsby

Grace Ormsby

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