Top 3 Reasons to Start a Coronis Franchise

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Now is the time to capitalize on changing market conditions and start your own franchise business with the assurance of the best experience, the best systems and the best support for your future success.

Becoming a business owner can often lead to a more fulfilling and financially rewarding life. But it can also be challenging, especially in the early years when the hours can be long and the trails hard to find.

Starting a Coronis franchise or expanding an existing real estate business with the company gives you a head start. From the moment you open the doors under the Coronis brand, you will be immediately operational. And from there, the possibilities are endless.

Coronis franchise manager Sandy Taylor said their franchise model eliminates stress. “We’ll give you all the guidance, assistance, systems and support you need to succeed.”

“We stay by your side every step of the way, helping you take advantage of every opportunity and providing you with what you need to grow your business.”

Coronis franchisees would agree that partnering with the company has many benefits, but here are the top three.

  1. Revenue

Increased revenue is the primary draw card for many individual franchisees and business owners who partner with Coronis.

Existing commercial agents

If you are an existing sales agent and want to run your own sales business, you get an industry-leading commission split for more per sale benefits, now is the time to work smarter.

“How much you make is largely up to you, but let’s say you sell one property a month with an average commission of $15,000,” Ms Taylor said. “On a standard 50/90 that would equate to $80,000 a year. With Coronis that would be at least $140,000 or $60,000 better.”

Existing sales business

For existing sales business owners, Ms Taylor said the business is focused on their profits, not revenue. “We’ll help you get various sources of income, grow your salable asset, grow your team, and intelligently structure your business for more profitability.”

Existing property manager

An average property manager can now earn up to $80,000 and manage over 150 properties. In the new Coronis model, that same property manager can pay himself $80,000 to manage 60 properties, not even considering sales. “The more you grow your business, the more you will be rewarded,” Ms. Taylor said.

Existing property management

Coronis offers property management business owners everything they need to raise their rent and even get into sales. “Together, we can help you build a high-performing agency that helps you achieve everything you expect from your business and also gives you a valuable edge when you decide it’s time to move on,” said Mrs Taylor.

  1. Control

Franchisees have the freedom to control their own business, with Coronis providing operational experience, marketing, training and coaching through to software and IT support. “When you partner with us, we give you a shortcut to growth and stability,” Ms. Taylor said.

“Our franchise model gives you access to $1,000,000 of systems, procedures, knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over more than 40 years in business. And, best of all, you have the flexibility and freedom to run exactly the type of business you want while backed by a big, successful brand. »

  1. Way of life

Managing your own franchise allows you to balance work and personal life, as well as your business growth plans, at your discretion. “We know people become franchisees for different reasons,” Ms. Taylor said. “Some want to work full time and put in the maximum hours. Others see it as a way to make a good income flexibly, run their business around other commitments, and work the hours they want, when they want.

“The great thing is that in addition to flexibility and freedom, you are also likely to earn more than you can as an employee, especially once you start to grow, nothing holds back your earning potential.”

If you want to take control of your future with a Coronis franchise, or have questions about what it entails, Learn more here or contact Sandy.

Sandy Taylor

Coronis Franchise Director

0408 410 689

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Coronis is a full-line real estate services organization dedicated to changing people’s lives for the better in real estate. Coronis has grown steadily in the real estate industry for over 40 years, from its beginnings in Queensland and plans for growth in Asia Pacific. Coronis specializes in residential property sales, property management, mortgages and finance, conveyancing and related services, ensuring Coronis clients have a complete one-stop-shop for their real estate solutions.

Top 3 Reasons to Start a Coronis Franchise

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Last update: September 07, 2022

Posted: September 07, 2022

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