Turn agents into customer heroes

To become a hero for customers, this expert believes agents need to turn to automation.

Speaking on a recent episode of ERC’s Proptech PulseLuke Paverd, the recently appointed Chief Operating Officer of the PropTech Group said making the real estate transaction experience seamless for clients (as well as the agent) is “really where the future is.”

He said while this is a simple solution to focus on improving an agent tool or streamlining a process, he believes customers are also entitled to a seamless experience. hassle.

“Remember that a lot of buyers don’t buy properties very often. This is something they very rarely do. It is therefore up to the agent to be able to help them throughout this journey.“, explained Mr. Paverd.

“In the consumer world, it’s a home buying process. But, there are obviously different stages through this journey.

Since the purchase transaction is an aggregation of multiple processes, including finding a home loan, assignee or insurance, he said “all of these different parts are disjointed for consumers at this time.” .

“But if we can give that information, make that agent look like a hero, I think we can streamline things for consumers as well,” Paverd said.

He pointed out that the industry has made progress in streamlining the process for agents, saying that integrating the customer relationship management (CRM) system and ancillary services into a company’s digital ecosystem can effectively automate processes for agents.

“Instead of just giving agents tools, it’s about doing it for them,” he explained.

Furthermore, he pointed out that automation is essential for a more humanized interaction with customers.

“Automation allows agents to work in volume at an automated level and then spend their time on their key points, like talking to customers who need that high level of contact. Agents can focus on that while the CRM just automates the rest,” he said.

But it’s not just about having an automated CRM in your digital artillery. Paverd stressed that getting a system tailored to a business is also vital.

The right digital offering, according to Paverd, will come down to gaps in the customer-business interaction that need to be filled.

“I guess it’s about identifying what their customers are looking for, what their needs are, and then coming up with the right solution for their needs,” Paverd said.

Looking ahead, Mr Paverd said the next challenge will be to improve the customer experience, saying “the focus on the consumer is going to become an important part”.

“By taking this to the next level of how we can also streamline this process between agents and their consumers, he stated.

Asked what can set agents up for future success, Paverd said it all comes down to meeting the growing expectations of the real estate industry, where the technology landscape is constantly changing.

“I think it’s about recognizing that consumers are and will become even more demanding about what they want from agents. And I think it’s about looking at the interactions that an agent has with the consumer and consistently making sure that those are really, really good consumer experiences.“, he concluded.

“And so, if I was an agent right now, Id trace the process by which wecommunicate with consumers and just make sure theyIt’s a transparent and really pleasant experience with consumers.

Listen to the full conversation with Luke Paverd here.

Turn agents into customer heroes

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Last update: September 22, 2022

Posted: September 23, 2022

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